How to Get a Quote for Configurations/Variations not Listed

We price our products highly competitively once they are in production, proving performance and value advantages. If a customer would like to purchase a product that others make, we can make it, especially in volume with better quality and pricing. However, if a customer wants to order a part/module/system with performances that are not on anyone’s website, then it is due to the following:

  1. No one has ordered this variation before. If a small change, we can make this particular variation with a reasonable NRE. For example, a special fiber type or a special wavelength that needs a dedicated AR coating run. The NRE will be refunded once the order reaches a certain quality.
  2. It is too expensive to make. This is more often due to high costs rather than technology. If a customer has the budget, we can make it under an NRE. Under the NRE, we will perform design and prototyping on a best-effort base. We will report the result so that the customer can decide whether to let us produce the part. A preferred way is to provide application details so that we can find the best possible approach together. We have an excellent track record in successfully meeting the anticipated spec under the NRE. We also have a successful track record of working with government labs/agencies to develop/launch new products with unprecedented attributes via research funding.
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