How to Get a Quote for Configurations/Variations not Listed

We price our products competitively once in production, proving performance and value advantages. Each product is warranted to meet the specification on the datasheet. If a customer would like to purchase a product with performances that cannot be found on the website, it is most likely due to the followings:

  1. No one has ordered this variation before. If a small change, we can make this particular variation with a reasonable NRE. For example, a special fiber type or a special wavelength needs a dedicated AR coating run. The NRE will be refunded once the order reaches a certain quality.
  2. It is too expensive to make. This is often due to high costs rather than technology. However, if a customer has the budget, we can make it under an NRE. We will design, prototype, and report the result so the customer can decide whether to proceed with making/delivering the part. A preferred way is for a customer to provide application details to find the best possible approach. We have an excellent track record in successfully meeting the anticipated spec under the NRE. We also have a track record of working with government labs/agencies to develop/launch new products with unprecedented attributes via research funding.
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