Fiber Coil Variable Time Delay Line - Manual Control

(Customer-defined fiber segment length, manual selection/computer selection)
  • High Resolution
  • High Speed
  • Non-Mechanical
  • High Reliability

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The FIDM provides a convenient and low-cost solution for the fiber-based time delay.  It selectively routes the input optical signals through several customer-defined fiber coils by a manual knob or via a computer GUI. It advantageously features low optical loss and high delay precision based on Photonwares’ unique fiber winding and delays measurement technologies.  The module front has a fiber input connector and fiber out connector as well as a manual delay time selection knob.  The back panel has a wall power input with an on/off switch and a USB computer interface. Options of PM fiber, high power handling, signal booster, and high-speed reconfiguration are available.


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  NSTD Series Photonic Delay Line Min Typical Max Unit
Central Wavelength    850 1610 nm
Bit resolution [1] 4 8
Insertion Loss [2] 4.0 5.2 dB
Cross Talk      20 25 dB
Switching Time (fall, rise) 300 400 ns
Repetition Rate [3] 100 kHz
Delay Time Range ns µs
PDL [4] 0.3 1.0 dB
Return Loss 45 dB
Fiber type SM fiber or PM fiber  
Operating Temperature 0 60 oC
Optical Power Handling [5]     500 mW
Storage Temperature -5 85 oC
Package Dimension [6] 19” mount rack
[1]: TBD per customer’s request. [2]: Measured at 4-bit device, excluding the loss of long delay fibers. 1dB additional loss will be added per bit after 4-bit. [3]: for each switching core. [4]: Defined at 4-bit delay line [5]: Measured at 1550nm. [6]: Mount rack height will be determined based the final delay.