Optical/Laser Power Regulator/Stabilizer/Noise Reduction Ultra-Fast – NanoSpeed™

100ns rise/fall, low loss, bidirectional, polarization insensitive, all wavelengths
  • Solid-Sate Ultra-High Reliability
  • High Precision Output Locker
  • Reduce Noise Up To 200KHz
  • Wide Wavelength Selection 500 -2000nm
  • Low Insertion Loss ~1dB
  • High Power Option 5-10W
  • Wide Output Setting -25 to 50dBm
  • Temperature Independent
  • Vibration Insensitive
  • Space Qualified



The optical power regulator, based on a high performance variable fiber optical attenuator and high precision control circuits, provides a tunable optical output power and maintain it to counter the power fluctuations caused by PDL and other sources. The optical power regulator is designed to meet the most demanding operation requirements of ultra-high reliability and fast response to provide an ultimate solution for optical power stabilizing and limiting. Photonwares also offers customized and embeddable electronic designs to meet special control applications.


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NanoSpeed Series 1x 1 Switch Min Typical Max Unit
Central wavelength [1] 780 1650 nm

Loss [2]

 1260~1650nm 0.6 1.0 dB
960~1100nm 0.8 1.3
780~960nm (Normal

power switch only)

1.0 1.5
On-Off Ratio 20 25 35 dB
PDL (SMF Switch only) 0.15 0.3 dB
PMD (SMF Switch only) 0.1 0.3 ps
ER (PMF  Switch only)       18  25 dB
IL Temperature Dependency 0.25 0.5 dB
Return Loss 45 50 60 dB
Response Time (Rise, Fall)  30 300 ns
Fiber Type SMF-28, Panda PM, or equivalent
Repeat Rate 5kHz driver DC 5 kHz
100kHz driver DC 100
500kHz driver DC 500
Optic power

Handling [3]

Normal power switches 300 mW
High power switches 5 W
Operating Temperature -5 70 oC
Storage Temperature -40 85 oC

[1] Operation bandwidth is +/- 25nm approximately at 1550nm.

[2] Measured without connectors. For other wavelength, please contact us.

[3] Defined at 1310nm/1550nm. For the shorter wavelength, the handling power may be reduced, please contact us for more information.