Single Mode Tap Power Monitor (Reflect Version)

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(1.3 to 2.5mm)

The Tap Optical Power Monitor is a hybrid fiber optical passive component that integrates a thin-film tap of flat spectral response with a high sensitivity PIN photodiode for power monitoring applications. The Power Monitor minimizes component assembly costs and module footprint while increasing module design efficiency by facilitating fiber Management. The Power Monitor combines the functionality of an optical coupler and a photodiode while delivering low insertion loss and low dark current with high-temperature stability over a wide wavelength range. Our directional version works well from 1260nm to 1620nm band.

  • Integrated
  • Low Loss Device
  • Custom Tap Ratios Available
  • Compact Design
  • Channel Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring in Optical Interface Modules
  • Gain Monitoring for Amplifier
  • DWDM System Monitoring
  • Optical fiber test instruments
Tap Power MonitorMinTypicalMax Unit
 Operation Wavelength12601620nm
Rap Ratio135%
Insertion Loss10.50.70.9dB
Input Power-4527dBm
Polarization extinction ratio41823dB
Tensile load5N
Return Loss45dB
Dark Current at 23oC0.41.0nA
Directivity5none or >25dB
Reverse Voltage520V
Rise / Fall Time0.3ns
Cut-Off Frequency2GHz
Opereating Temperature-575oC
Storage Temperature-4085oC
ReliabilityTelcordia 1209 and 1221
Package Dimension6.0 x 18mm



  1. Insertion Loss excluding connectors
  2. The net responsivity is defined as the ratio of the PD current output and optical power measured at output fiber
  3. Single Mode Fiber version only
  4. PM Fiber version only
  5. Directivity defines the responsivity contrast between the case that light power comes from input fiber port and the case that light power comes from output fiber port. From 1260 to 1620nm



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