Motorized Etalon-Based Tunable Optical Filter

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Based on a proprietary thin film cavity filter technology, Agiltron offers Fiber Optic Tunable Filters with central wavelengths of 1060nm, 1310nm, 1550nm and 2000nm. It is tunable continuously over a wide spectral range up to 80 nm. The wavelength tuning is actuated by driving a built-in precise stepper motor through the interface of USB or RS232. Agiltron’s unique high reliability and low insertion loss design presents a most cost-effective solution for OEM applications from fiber-optic networks to fiber sensing interrogation.

  • Compact and Low Cost
  • Wide Tune Range
  • Wide Wavelength Coverage
  • Low IL and PDL
  • DWDM networks
  • Fiber Sensing
  • ASE control
  • Tunable Fiber Laser
Fiber Optic Tunable FilterMinTypicalMaxUnit
Central Wavelength*10601310 / 15502000nm
Tuning Range6080nm
Tuning Resolution0.1nm
Tuning Speed1238nm/s
Insertion Loss234dB
Bandwidth @-3dB11.2nm
Bandwidth @-20dB10nm
Extinction @ 10 nm Deviation30dB
PDL(SM Fiber Only)0.150.35dB
PMD(SM Fiber Only)0.5ps
Extinction Ratio(PM Fiber Only)1823dB
Return Loss40dB
Optical Power Handling(CW)500mW
Electric InterfaceUSB/RS232
Operating Temperature02060°C
Operating Temperature-1070°C
Size66L x 73W x 14Hmm
P/N: N/A