Multimode Tap Avalanche Power Monitor (Reflective Configuration)

  • Easy for Integrating
  • Low Loss Device
  • Custom Tap Ratios Available
  • Compact Design
  • Low dark current
  • Hermetically sealed

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The Tap Optical Power Monitor is a hybrid fiber optical passive component that integrates a thin-film tap of flat spectral response with a Silicon photodiode for power monitoring applications near 850nm.  The Silicon detector provides a low noise measurement while conventional InGaAs detectors are less sensitive at 850nm wavelength band.  The Power Monitor minimizes component assembly costs and module footprint while increasing module design efficiency by facilitating fiber Management. This tap monitor is designed for low speed power monitor, not for high speed data processing.

The Power Monitor combines the functionality of an optical coupler and a photodiode while delivering low insertion loss and low dark current with high temperature stability over a wide wavelength range.


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