Fiber Optic Variable Optical Delay Line Module – Fast Switching Among Fiber Loops

Turn-key solution with N-bit high resolution and lossless option
  • Switching Option Available
  • Smaller Size and Less Weight
  • 0.1 – 40 GHz Bandwidth
  • Flat Phase Response
  • Minimal Triple-Transit Echoes
  • Low Link Loss Options
  • Low-Temperature Sensitivity

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The Variable Photonic Time Delay system (SLTD or LLTD) is a turn-key unit that provides true-time delay with a fiber input and output. Perfected over 15 years, it uniquely features a long delay of up to milliseconds, ultra-fast (nanoseconds) delay variation speed, and up to 25 bits of high resolution. Internally, the input optical signal propagates through various fiber optic loops before exiting. Delay time can be digitally varied by switching to pass through N fiber segments, therefore providing N-bit resolution. Delay length and system performance can be tailored to meet customer-specific requirements with great flexibility. The optical loss difference can be compensated by incorporating amplifications in long fiber segments. We offer three types of fiber optical switches: MEMS (milliseconds), CL (milliseconds), and NS (nanoseconds) to meet application requirements. USB/GUI or RS232 interface is standard while high-speed switching is controlled by TTL through a D connector. A front touch-screen computer is also an option for system control.

The system delivers unmatched performance for radar testing, signal processing, phased array antennas, and phase noise testing with greater flexibility than traditional coax or waveguide solutions.


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