N-Bit, Lossless Variable Photonic Time Delay Module

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This N-bit (N ≥ 10) Photonic Time Delay Module selectively routes optical signals through N fiber segments with the different lengths. Each fiber segment is defined to have the delay as

Where dT is the increment of time delay.

Therefore, the module provides N-bit of digitally variable time delay, having the total time delay as

N and dT can be defined by customer.

The EDFAs is used in the module to compensate the optical loss through optic fiber segments and switches. The optical loss between the optic fiber segment and the bypassing path is balanced internally to get the excellent uniformity of optical power between different time delays in long time delay ranges.

  • High Resolution
  • High Speed
  • Large Time Delay Range
  • High Reliability
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Low Power Consumption
  • True time delay evaluation
  • Instrumentation
N-bit Photonic Delay ModuleMinTypicalMaxUnit
Wavelength band153515501565nm
Insertion Loss [1]00.5dB
Cross Talk253040dB
Switching TimeCL type50100µs
NS type150300ns
Repetition Rate [2]CL type2kHz
NS type100kHz
Delay Time Range [3]0.05TBD[4]ns
Polarization Dependent Loss0.250.5dB
IL Uniformity [5]1.01.5dB
Return Loss50dB
Operating Temperature060oC
Optical Power Handling0dBm
Storage Temperature-4085oC
Fiber TypeSMF-28
Package Dimension [6]19” mount rack
[1]: Defined at the input power from -10dBm to 0dBm[2]: Defined in each switch.[3]: The minimum delay can be as short as 0.01ns if needed, please contact us.[4]: The maximum delay is defined by the bit number and delay increment.[5]: Between the different time delays[6]: The height of 19” mount rack will be determined by the total time delay.
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