NanoSpeed™ SM Variable Photonic Time Delay

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The NSTD Series Photonic Time Delay generates variable time delay by selectively routing optical signals through N (<=8) fiber segments whose lengths increase successively by a power of 2 to form a N bit digital delay line.  The NSTD allows customers to splice each fiber loop, creating increments of DT, up to the maximum value T. The switching between each loop is achieved using a patented non-mechanical configuration. The solid-state configuration eliminates the need for mechanical movement and organic materials. The device is designed to meet the most demanding switching requirements of ultra-high reliability and fast response time.

  • High Resolution
  • High Speed
  • Non-Mechanical
  • High Reliability
  • Phase-Array Antennas
  • Instrumentation
  NSTD Series Photonic Delay LineMinTypicalMaxUnit
Central Wavelength   850 1610nm
Bit resolution [1] 48 
Insertion Loss [2] 4.05.2dB
Cross Talk     2025 dB
Switching Time (fall, rise) 300400ns
Repetition Rate [3]  100kHz
Delay Time Rangens µs 
PDL [4] 0.31.0dB
Return Loss45  dB
Fiber typeSM fiber or PM fiber 
Operating Temperature0 60oC
Optical Power Handling [5]     500 mW
Storage Temperature-5 85oC
Package Dimension [6]19” mount rack 

[1]: TBD per customer’s request.

[2]: Measured at 4-bit device, excluding the loss of long delay fibers. 1dB additional loss will be added per bit after 4-bit.

[3]: for each switching core.

[4]: Defined at 4-bit delay line

[5]: Measured at 1550nm.

[6]: Mount rack height will be determined based the final delay.

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