PM Fiber Splicer

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The TUNE PM splicer adds two special manual rotary fiber holders to a regular fusion splicer and combines custom software and hardware modification.  In operation, the axes of the fiber stress are simply aligned manually by  visually matching the patterns on the display, or by active monitor the ER. The fusion splicing will then be performed automatically with pushing a button.  The process is fast with ER>23 by visual alignment along.  High ER>27 can be easily achieved by actively monitoring the ER during manual rotation.


The splicing consists of the following steps:

  1. Select The PM Splicer Program 5
  2. Strip/Cleave Fiber–Just like regular splicing
  3. Load Fiber –Just like regular splicing
  4. Pre-Align Fiber by push
  5. Manual Align fiber to achieve single line on the display
  6. Push the GREEN Reset Button
  7. Push the Splicing Button

  • Low Cost
  • Low Loss
  • High ER
  • Fast
  • Production
  • Test
  • Field repair


Wavelength                                                       450 2                              2500nm
Insertion Loss0.010.10.3dB



  1. Visual alignment
  2. Requires special jig
P/N: N/A