Polarization-Maintaining (PM) / Multicore / Photonic-Crystal Fiber Fusion Splicer

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The TUNE PM 500 Splicer is the third generation machine (after 300 and 400). It makes splicing a pair of polarization-maintaining fibers easier, faster, and lower in cost by incorporating advanced features of glass V-groove fiber holders for excellent repeatability, 6-motor all directional core alignment, automatic in-process arc current adjustment to ensure low loss and high-fiber -pull-strength, high-quality, long-lasting fiber cleaving blade, and lightweight for portability. The novel design adds two unique miniature rotary fiber holders to align the PM fibers. In operation, the axes of the two PM fibers are manually aligned by rotating the holders while visually matching the stress patterns on display. Once the axes are aligned and locked in position, the fusion splicing will then be performed automatically by pushing a button. The ease of operation has been perfected in the manufacturing environment for over ten years. The accuracy of the end face pattern alignment can be further improved/verified by a compact high-resolution end face microscope or a real-time optical power/extinction ratio meter. Each machine is adjusted and tested with a customer-specified fiber type. For people with prior fiber splicing experiences, the manual PM splicing operation is straightforward. The basic splicer kit has all the components to perform splicing, including a cleaver, a stripper, a battery, and a cleaning alcohol dispenser. The machine has a wide customer base around the globe. Rental is $1990 per month with a full unit payment.


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TUNE PM SPLICER Min Typical Max Unit
Wavelength                                                       450 2                              2500 nm
Insertion Loss 0.01 0.1 0.3 dB
ER 231 25 27



  1. Visual alignment
  2. Requires special jig