Fiber Connector High-Resolution Inspection Scope

  • 400X High Resolution
  • Clear Blue Illumination
  • PM Stress Field Key Examination
  • All Connector Adaptors/Bare Fiber


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Inspection Scope Customization Options

  • FC/PC adapter * $65

  • FC/APC adapter * $125

  • LC/PC adapter * $85

  • LC/APC adapter * $155

  • LC/PC Duplex * $185

  • LC/APC * $265

  • SC/PC adapter * $95

  • SC/PC Duplex adapter * $255

  • ST/APC adapter * $95.50

  • ST/PC adapter * $95.50

  • Bare fiber clamping adapter * $45

  • PM FC/APC ✹ * $390

  • PM LC/APC ✹ * $390

  • PM SC/APC ✹ * $390

  • Screen Grids * $15

  • SMA adapter * $125

  • MTP Adaptor * $195

  • ✹ Permanent fixture. Key aligned to a horizontal grid line on the screen. *

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This is a professional-grade fiber end microscope featuring a clear image with large magnification and rugged all-metal construction. It is designed for easy and quick fiber connector examination. It comes with two universal adapters with hole diameters of 1.25 mm and 2.5 mm for viewing common connectors. Matching adaptors for all types of connectors are available to make connector examination faster without the need to adjust the focus each time, especially for angled connectors. For PM connectors, we offer pre-key alignment to a screen grid for measurement of connector key orientation in addition to their surface quality. Please note – These adaptors are intended as permanent fixtures so that each scope is dedicated to a certain type of connector. For high throughput operation, multiple scopes with different adaptors will be used. For general use, the universal adapters will cover most connector types but require adjustment for every use. We are so confident that this is the best performance scope on the market, offering a Three-Day Free Trial for online purchases.

Parameter Specifications
Magnification   400X
Screen Size 9 inch
Connector Type LC, LC/APC, FC, FC/APC, SC/PC, MPO
Bare Fiber Adaptor 125 μm
Operating Temperature -5 to + 50°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C
Dimensions 1.8(OD) x 6.5 – 7.2(L)mm or Custom size



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