Variable RF/Microwave Delay Line Module

Turn-Key solution for all applications
  • High Resolution
  • High Speed
  • Non-Mechanical
  • High Reliability
  • Large Time Delay
  • Built-in Optical Amplifiers

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This RF-Photonic Time Delay system is customized to achieve high bit resolution of true time delay in input RF signal. This system composes RF-photonic and photonic-RF conversion modules, switchable fiber optic delay modules, and optical amplification. The RF modulated laser beam is switched to pass through N fiber segments, therefore providing N-bit resolution of digitally variable time delay. The fiber optic amplifications are used in this module to compensate for optical loss through optic fiber segments and switches. The system has built-in temperature sensors and the capability to initially check the switchable delay segments through a USB interface. All high repeat rates of switching will be controlled by the external TTL signals through the D connector. Perfected with over 20 years of extensive Government funding, we offer industry-leading performance and reliability, as well as cost-effectiveness.


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Optic Delay Line Module   Min Typical Max Unit
Wavelength band    1520 1550     1580 nm
1280 1310 1340 nm
Insertion Loss[1] 4.0 4.5 dB
Cross Talk      22 28 dB
Switching Time(fall, rise) CL 50 200 µs
NS 100 ns
MEMS 10 ms
Repetition Rate 0.05 1000 KHz
Delay Time Range n m s
Polarization Dependent Loss 0.25 0.45 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion 0.1 0.2 ps
Return Loss 50 55 dB
Operating Temperature 0 60 oC
Optical Power Handling     400 mW
Storage Temperature -40 85 oC


[1].For 4 bits with time delay < 1 µs.

Optical amplification option is available for long fiber