MEMS Fiber Optical Switches

Long life, latching, low Cost, compact (1x1,1x2,2x2,1x4,1x6,1x6,1x12)

  • Low Loss  (~0.6dB)
  • Bidirectional
  • Polarization Insensitive
  • Ultra-High Reliability 1013
  • No Drift Issues
  • Latching Option
  • Low Cost
  • Vacuum Operation Compatible
  • Wide Operation Temperature (-40Coto 85Co)
  • Competitive Price
  • Turn-Key Modules and Unsurpassed Customer Solutions

Ultra-high Reliability, Latching, Low Cost, Compact.
MEMS-based switches offer high reliability that passed well over 10⁹ cycles of switching tests. We offer both 2D and 1D movement MEMS-based switches.  The 1D  motion MEMS mirror (in or out of the light path) offers low crosstalk or high on/off ratio, fault-safe latching,  free space platform. The 2D rotating MEMS mirror offers cost-effectiveness for 1xN, MxN, when N>8.