2 µm in-line Polarizer

  • High Power Handling
  • Low IL
  • High Reliability & Stability
  • Cost Effective

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The 2μm In-line Polarizer is designed to pass light with one specific polarization while blocking the other polarization. It can be used to convert unpolarized light into polarized light with high extinction ratio. It can also be used to enhance the extinction ratio of signals with its excellent polarization properties. It is ideal for high-speed communication systems and test instrumentations where high polarization extinction ratio is required.


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Parameters Typical Unit
 Operating Wavelength 2000 nm
   Insertion Loss [1] 1.0 dB
   Extinction Ratio [2] 20 dB
 Return Loss 50 dB
 Optical Power Handling (CW)  300 mW
 Fiber Type SMF-28e/PM1550
Operating temperature -5 to 70 °C
Storage temperature -40 to 85 °C
Note: 1. Measured without connectors at center wavelength and 23°C 2. Polarization maintaining version only