Balanced Receiver InGaAs

(1000 to 16500nm, SM Fiber)
  • 900-1650nm
  • 900 MHz bandwidth
  • Noise cancelation
  • Enhanced EMI
  • Cost-effective

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The BREV series of fiberoptic receivers cancels out the common optical noise, offering a practical way for us to detect an incoming optical signal with a low noise floor. This receiver incorporates two InGaAs photodiodes with matched responsivity to ensure a high common mode rejection ratio and an RF amplifier that generates an output voltage proportional to the input optical signal. It has two optical inputs and an RF output. In addition to the RF output, the balanced photoreceiver has three low-frequency monitor outputs, I1, I2, and I2 – I1, which can be used to align light onto the photodiodes and to perform low-frequency diagnostics. The monitor outputs have SMB connectors, and an SMB-to-BNC cable is provided with the photoreceiver. A wall pluggable DC power supply is included that delivers to the balanced photoreceiver through a micro connector on the side. The unit is packaged with a metal shield to eliminate noise pickup. Combined with a wide operating temperature range, and excellent EMI characteristics, the BREV is designed to work in the harshest environments.


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