Optical Switch Driver

(control up to 30 switches together for CL, LB, MEMS, FFSW types)
  • USB & TTL Interface
  • RS232
  • Real time high speed
  • Control up to 30 switches simultaneously
  • Flexible ports configuration

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The SW-DR-2 kit provides a convenient and cost-effective way for us to evaluate Agiltron’s switches of CrystaLatch™ (CL), LightBend™ (LB), MEMS, and Fiber-Fiber™ (FF) optical switches up to 15 activation points. It comprises a main control board, a switch mounting daughter board, a GUI, a power supply, and a computer interface cable. Switching driving logic is burned in. The evaluation board integrates RS232 or USB and TTL interfaces. The selection is via an onboard jumping plug.

This board can control multiple switches simultaneously. It is designed to be flexible to meet application scenarios. Compatibility with various switch configurations is realized via an application-specific switch mounting daughter board, in which fibers are connected by splicing if cascading is required. A user-specific GUI Windows™ program is provided (in a stick inside the box).

The standard driver controls one individual switch. Drivers that control multiple switches are also available; please contact sales.

Driving controllers for up to ten switches can also be purchased online:


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