CrystaLatch™ 1x3/1x4 LiDAR Fiber Optic Switch

  • Low Loss
  • High Reliability
  • Compact



The CrystaLatchTM 1×3/1×4 Series LiDAR fiber optical switch is a non-mechanical device having advantageous features for LIDAR applications.  It scans a probing laser beam among four output fiber ports with high power handling capability (5W CW) and redirects the reflecting light into a dedicated receiving signal fiber port.  The patent pending design reduces more than 2dB system optical loss by eliminating the need to pass the reflected signal through an additional circulator or coupler.  Moreover, it provides the receiving signal with over 60dB isolation from the probe laser beam via a proprietary patent pending configuration. The all solid sate CL fiber optic switch further offers extremely high reliability in addition to low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, high channel isolation, and high repeatability. It is designed to meet the most demanding switching requirements of continuous operation without failure, longevity, operation under shock/vibration environment, with large temperature variations, and fast response time. The switches have been used in aerospace, out space, under sea, and outdoor applications.

Electronic driver is available for this series of switches.


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CL 1×3/1x4 LiDAR Switch Min Typical Max Unit
Operation Wavelength [1] 1520 1550 1580 nm
1295 1310 1325 nm
Insertion Loss [2] 1.2 1.8 dB
Receive Signal Isolation [3] 60 65 dB
Switch Speed (Rise, Fall) 50 200 µs
Repetition Rate 2K Hz
Channel Crosstalk 26 30 dB
Optical Power Handling  Standard 300 500 mW
 High Power 5 [4] W
Durability     1012 cycles
Switch type Solid-State Latching  
Operating Temperature [5] -5 +70 oC
Storage Temperature -40 +85 oC
Fiber Type   Panda PM 250, or equivalent

[1]. Agiltron can achieve same SPEC at L band.

[2]. Measured without connectors. We offer 5W connectors.

[3]. Receiving signal isolation from probing laser, the value is for PM version

[4]. Continuous operation.

[5]. Standard version -5~+70oC, premium version extends the range.