Bypassable/Switch Optical Circulator 1310nm & 1550nm

  • Solid-State High Speed
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Isolation
  • Fail-Safe Latching
  • Non-Mechanical
  • Compact & Rugged
  • Direct Low Voltage Drive


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The CL Series bypassable Optical circulator works in either circulator mode or bypass mode. In the circulator mode, it works as a regular 3 port circulator, light entering port 1 passes out through port 2, and light entering port 2 passes out through port 3. In the bypass mode, light entering port 1 will output through port 3 bypassing port 2.  Switching between these two working modes is activated via an electrical control signal. This is achieved using patent pending non-mechanical configurations, which also features Latching operation that preserves the selected working mode after the drive signal is removed. The all solid sate bypassable circulator features low insertion loss, high channel isolation, fast switching speed and extremely high reliability and repeatability.


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