Fiber Coupled Acoustic-Optic Modulators/Shifters

  • 400nm to 2300nm
  • DC-45MHz Modulation
  • Up to 20W Optical Power
  • All Types of Fiber

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An optical intensity modulator can be achieved by a driving circuitry in which the acoustic intensity inside the crystal varies with an input modulation signal. A typical acoustic driver output is shown below: the driver typically outputs fixed carrier oscillations at the acoustic frequency). When an RF electrical signal is input, the circuit modulates the intensity profile of the carrier oscillations, resulting in a modulated driving signal, which in turn leads to an output optical intensity similar to the RF input. The acoustic frequency intrinsically determines the rise/fall of the optical modulation. The Modulation Bandwidth is proportional to the acoustic frequency and limited by the rise/fall time. The optical response can be optimized to a certain extent via the driving circuitry, such as digital or analog


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