Ultra Narrow Line Width 1550nm Stable Laser

  • Excellent wavelength stability
  • Low RIN (Relative Intensity Noise)
  • Wavelength tunability
  • High power 100mW
  • Power modulation available
  • Single longitudinal mode at 1550nm
  • Narrow linewidth
  • High SMSR (side mode suppression ratio)
  • Selectable peak wavelength
  • SM or PM Fiber
  • Polarization maintaining or single mode fiber output available

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Agiltron produces high-performance Fiber Coupled Single Frequency Lasers.  They feature ultra-narrow single frequency linewidth, single mode, single longitudinal mode, polarization maintaining output, high optical power, excellent output stability over a wide temperature range and without mode hopping, high efficiency, low cost, and high reliability. The unit is made based on Er-doped fiber and distributed feedback Bragg grating technologies. It incorporates extra-cavity to achieve low phase and low relative intensity noise (RIN). The laser source is covered by a 2-year warranty.

The laser source can also be configured as a turnkey unit with a built-in controller for lab use.  Agiltron also provides customers design. They provide output beam collimator, as well as wavelength stabilization choices.


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