Fiber Optical RBG Light Combiner

  • Wavelength Independent
  • Ultra Low Excess Loss
  • Low Polarization   Sensitivity
  • Highly Stable & Reliable
  • Ultra Low Cost

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The LFC Series fiber optical visible light combiners are based on Photonwares’s fused biconical taper technology and compact packaging structure. They enable any two or three primary colors in the visible wavelength region to be combined or separated. Configurations are available for full RGB colors of red/green/blue. It features good uniformity, low excess loss, and very low polarization sensitivity.


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Parameter Min Type Max Unit
Wavelength Selection 473 532 655 nm
Typical Combining Efficiency 70 90 95  %
Optical Power Handling(CW) 0.5 1 W
Operating Temperature -40 20 85 oC
Storage Temperature -45 100 oC
Fiber Type Special
Dimension 3×60 10x80x100 mm