High Power Pulsed Single Mode 1550nm Laser Source

(SM or PM output fiber, up to 10W output power)
  • Low Cost
  • High Stability
  • High Reliability
  • SM Beam Quality
  • All-fiber Construction
  • High Output Power

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Photonwares high power pulsed 1550nm fiber lasers provide eye-safe single mode nano second pulse with a average output power up to 3W with a near diffraction-limited beam quality.  The are all fiber high reliability construction using double cladding fiber pumping technology that efficiently converts multi mode lasers into highly coherent single mode laser. The laser source can be configured as a module or a turn key unit with build-in feedback power stabilization controller and power supply.  Photonwares also provide customers design. We provide output beam collimator, as well as wavelength stabilization choices.


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1550nm pulse fiber laser source Min Typical Max Unit
Central Wavelength 1545 1550 1552 nm
Average Output Power [1] 0.5 3 W
Output Power Adjustment Range 10 100 %
Spectral Line Width (FWHM) 0.1 0.2 nm
Pulse Width 5.5 6 6.5 ns
Beam Quality 1.2 1.7 M2
Option Mode CW
Stability of Output Power(15min) [3] +/-0.5 +/-1.0 %
Stability of Output Power(8h) [3] +/-1 +/-2 %
Output Isolation 30 dB
Polarization Extinction Ratio [2] 17 20 dB
Operating Temperature -25 50 oC
Storage Temperature -40 85 oC

[1]. Output power is optional, typical output power:0.5W、1W、2W、5W、10W;

[2]. For PM version only

[3] The output power stability is measured under 25℃, 30 minutes after warm-up;

[4] Excluding connector.