High Power Single Mode 1064nm Laser Source

  • Low Cost
  • High Stability
  • High Reliability
  • SM Beam Quality
  • All-fiber Construction
  • High Output Power

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Photonwares 1064nm CW fiber lasers provide highly integrated continuous Yb-doped fiber laser system with high power output. They employ the integrated design of all-fiber structure and use double cladding fiber pumping technology to realize the high-performance output laser. The output power is up to 20W and the near diffraction limited beam quality can be achieved at the same time. The lasers can be widely used in the areas of scientific research, experimental teaching and device testing.


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1064nm CW fiber laser source Min Typical Max Unit
Central Wavelength   1064   nm
Output Power [1] 0.2   20 W
Output Power Adjustment Range 10   100 %
Spectral Width (FWHM) [2]     1 nm
Side Mode Suppression Ratio 35     dB
Beam Quality <1.2 M2
Option Mode CW  
Stability of Output Power(15min) [3]   ±0.5 ±1.0 %
Stability of Output Power(8h) [3]   ±1 ±2 %
Light Isolation 35     dB
Return Loss [4] 40     dB
Operating Temperature -35   50 oC
Storage Temperature -40   85 oC
Power Supply 110/220 VAC
Output Fiber LMA fiber  

[1]. output power is optional, typical output power:0.5W、1W、2W、5W、15W, 20W;

[2]. Spectral width on request

[3] The output power stability is measured under 25℃, 30 minutes after warm-up;

[4] excluding connector.