High Precision Programmable Optical Attenuator

(High Setting Precision, Ultra-Low Loss, Broad Band, Latching)
  • Very Low Loss
  • Highly Repeatable
  • Latching
  • High Resolution
  • Large Attenuation



The High Precision Series VOA is based on a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device platform driven by a fast piezo actuator having a built-in high precision optical position sensor.  It uniquely offers near-perfect performances that are unmatched in the industry, including ultra-low insertion loss of 0.2dB, ultra-broadband from 200 to 2100nm, ultra-high setting/repeating precision of 0.1dB, high optical power handling up to 1W, and linear response.  Once, the VOA attenuation value is set, it will remain at the value regardless of the environment variations and the loss of electrical power.  Light passes through the device with a thin index matched gap without any optical coatings.   It is available with all types of fibers having a 125 micron outer diameter.  Other diameter fibers can be accommodated with special order.

The VOA is driven by a attached PCB having USB or RS232 computer interfaces with GUI software.


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Precision Series VOA Min Typical Max Unit
 Operation Wavelength                                              300                        2500 nm
 Insertion Loss [1] 0.1 0.2 0.5 dB
 Polarization Dependent Loss 0.1 0.3 dB
 Wavelength Dependence Loss 0.01 0.1 dB
 Attenuation Range 60 70 dB
 Attenuation Setting Repeatability 0.1 dB
 Extinction Ratio (PM version only) 19 25 28 dB
 Polarization Mode Dispersion (SM version only) 0.01 0.05 ps
 Return Loss[2] 55 dB
 Response Time 3 20 ms
 Optical Power handling 600 800 mW
 Operating Temperature -5 75 oC
 Storage Temperature -40 85 oC
Package 40x25x10 mm


[1].Without connector and at room temperature

[2].For SM fiber