LightBend™ Octo 2x2 Bypass MM Optical Switch

  • Low Optical Distortions
  • High Reliability
  • Fail-Safe Latching
  • Epoxy-Free Optical Path

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The LB Series Octo 2×2 Bypass multimode switch integrated 8 simultaneously activated 2×2 Bypass Switches in a single compact format. It is designed for 40G transceiver bypass application. The device connects optical channels by redirecting incoming optical signals into selected output fibers. This is achieved using a patented opto-mechanical configuration and activated via an electrical control signal. Latching operation preserves the selected optical path after the drive signal has been removed. The switch has integrated electrical position sensors. This novel design significantly reduces moving part position sensitivity, offering unprecedented high stability as well as an unmatched low cost. The switch is bidirectional.

We offer tight-bend-fiber version, which reduces the minimum bending radius. This feature enables smaller overall foot print.


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LB Octo 2x2 Bypass MM Fiber Optical Switch Min Typical Max Unit
Operating Wavelength                                                    850, 1310, 1550, 850 & 1310 nm
Insertion Loss [1] 0.5 1.0 dB
Wavelength Dependent Loss  0.25 dB
Return Loss[1],[2]                        35 dB
Cross Talk[1]                        35 dB
Switching Time 3  10 ms
Repeatability ±0.02 dB
Durability                                            107 Cycle
Operating Voltage                         4.5 5 6 VDC
Operating Current (Latching/Non-Latching) 30 60 mA
 Voltage Pulse Width (Latching)  20 dB
Switching Type Latching or Non-Latching
Operating Temperature              -5                                                                                                             +70 oC
             -40                                                                                                           +85
Optical Power Handling 300  500 mW
Storage Temperature -40 85 oC
Package Dimension 30.0L x 27.0W x 14.0H mm
Notes:   [1]. Exclude connectors.   [2]. Light source CPR<14dB.   [3]. Our device is designed and optimized for certain laser launch condition which is characterized as CPR value. In general, if application exceeds the specified CPR value, optical performance will become worsen.   [4]. Continuous operation, for pulse operation call.