(N+1)×1 Laser Combiner

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The LLCB series of (N+1)x1 fiber combiner is designed for high power fiber laser application.  They combine N pump lasers and one signal channel into a laser fiber.  The LLCB cover a wide range of fiber types.

  • High Pump Efficiency
  • High Signal Transfer
  • Wavelength Insensitivity
  • Custom Configurations
  • Low insertion loss
  • Fiber Lasers
  • Fiber Amplifiers
  • Instrumentation
Signal Central Wavelength10642000nm
Pump Central Wavelength8001000nm
Pump Port Number(N)27
Power Coupling EfficiencyDCF9097 %
Large Core Fiber9097
Signal Insertion Loss0.30.50.7dB
Optical Isolation152530dB
Optical Power Handling(CW)2550W
Operating Temperature-52570oC
Storage Temperature-4085oC
P/N: N/A