Optical/Laser Power Surge Protector Ultra-Fast – NanoSpeed™

  • No Moving Parts
  • High Reliability
  • High Speed



The optical power surge protector is a two-fiber port module that has a low insertion loss during normal operation but suppresses an optical power surge quickly (about 100ns) and maintains a preset maximum allowed output power as long as the surge presents. This is achieved by using a detector to tap a small amount of light from the output and feed into a closed-loop circuit to control an NS variable fiber optical attenuator connected between light input and output. The maximum output power is manually set by a resistor pot through a screw hole with a range from 200mW to 2W.  High maximum output power up to 10W is available through special order.  The optical power surge provides an ultimate solution for sensor protection.  The non-mechanical device has passed the most stringent mil-spec and space flight qualifications and is designed for over 20 years of continuous operation.  The module comes with a wall-plug 12V power supply.


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NOPR Min Typical Max Unit
Central Wavelength 760 2000 nm
Insertion Loss [1] 1260 -1650nm 1.0 1.4 dB
960 – 1100nm 1.2 1.6 dB
760 – 960nm 1.5 1.8 dB
Dynamic Range 18 25 30 dB
Return Loss 45 50 dB
Response Time 100 2000 nS
Maximum Output Power Setting [2]       0.2                            1 W
Operating Temperature                -5  ~  70 oC
Storage Temperature              -40  ~  85 oC

[1]: Excluding connectors. Including the power tapping for feedback control.

[2]: High power version up to 10W is available