Fiber Optical Electric-Field Sensing System

  • No metal parts in probe
  • Passive probe
  • Miniature probe
  • Optic fiber link
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide bandwidth
  • High damage threshold

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Photonic Electric Field Sensing System (PEFS) is an instrument that optically measures the electric field. It integrates a fiber optic E-field sensor probe, a laser, photo-receiver, amplifier module, and associated electronics. The probe is made of entirely dielectric materials and connected to the system via fibers. The fiber optic E-field sensor system provides advanced attributes of very fast response, extremely high damage threshold exceeding 5MV/m, high fidelity with little disturbance to the E-field, and remote sensing capability. The sensor system covers a broad frequency range up to 18 GHz. The amplifier gains are adjustable to optimize the sensitivity and the dynamic ranges. The system is designed to connect to a spectrum analyzer to characterize the RF signal outputs.


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PEFS Model   Typical Max Unit
  Sensor orientation Parallel to E-field
  Frequency Bandwidth [1] (HF version) 18 GHz
                                       (MF version) 7 GHz
                                       (LF version) 200 MHz
  Sensitivity  (HF version) 30 mV/m-Hz1/2
                  (MF and LF version) 10 mV/m-Hz1/2
Maximum detectable E-field [2] 200 kV/m
Damage E-field 5 MV/m
Fiber Connector FC/APC
Laser wavelength [3] 1550 nm
Laser power 20 mW
RF output impedance 50 W
RF connector SMA
Power supplier 100~240 VAC
[1]. Should be matched with the proper EOFS [2]. Possible to be increased to 500kV/m, please contact us [3].TBD per the frequency and sensitivity