Fiber-Coupled Raman Laser Source

  • High Reliability
  • High Stability
  • Cost Effective
  • VBG Wavelength Locker
  • 500 mW CW Output

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The SSFL Stabilized Fiber Coupled Laser Source provides a powerful and extremely stable laser source that is ideal for scientific applications, including Raman Spectroscopy and Illumination. The unit contains a fiber-coupled high-power diode that is spectrally narrowed and wavelength-stabilized by incorporating a Volume Bragg Grating (VGB). It outputs over 300 mW at 785 nm laser with a wavelength stabilized within 0.5nm. Extreme care should be taken when operating this unit to avoid potentially hazardous exposure to both eyes and skin. Users should wear eye protection when operating this unit and should avoid exposure to the output beam.


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