RSM Video Raman Microscope

An affordable and versatile accessory for Raman Systems spectrometers
  • Analyze Non-Homogenous Samples:
  • The RSM Video Raman Microscope provides a video image of the laser spot on the sample area of interest.

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The Raman Systems RSM Video Raman Microscope is an upright laboratory microscope that couples to a Raman Systems spectrometer (sold separately). The accessory is supplied with a Reflected Light Illuminator and a USB Color Video Camera.

The RSM Video Raman Microscope works with the Raman Systems models PeakSeeker™ and PeakSeeker Pro™ spectrometers mating to the fiber optic probe. The USB Color Video Camera facilitates precise sample positioning of the laser spot from the Raman spectrometer onto a solid sample surface.

The RSM Video Raman Microscope is supplied with long working distance, infinite plan achromat objectives. The higher magnification objectives provide a smaller laser spot size.

Order Codes:

  • RSM-785 for spectrometer models PEK-785; PRO-785; PRO-785E
  • RSM-532 for spectrometer model PRO-532



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Model Number PEK-785
Excitation Wavelength (nm) 785
Laser Power (mW) 5 to 300
Spectral Range, Raman Shift (cm-1) 200 to 3000
Spectral Resolution (cm-1) ~ 9
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 250:1 (at full signal)
Optics NA = 0.22, Laser spot size = 0.1 to 0.3 mm
Power 12VDC from power adapter input = 100/240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
Size (W) 14.2 in, (D) 7.5 in, (H) 4.3 in   (36 X 29 X 11 cm)
Weight < 8 lb ( 3.6 Kg)
Operating Temperature  (ºC) -25 to 45