Fiber-Fiber™ Dual 1xN Optical Switch

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All Wavelengths, Bidirectional, High-Powered

The Fiber-Fiber™ series Dual 1xN Broadband Fiber Optical Switch connects optical channels using a patent-pending v-grove technology activated via an electrical control signal. This series switch features the best-in-class attributes of competitive cost, ultra-low insertion loss of only 0.3dB, good uniformity among all the ports, excellent repeatability, and large port count up to 350. Furthermore, the unique design has no optical coating, offering broad spectral band operation from 200 to 2000 nm with high power handling. It accommodates all types of fibers including single mode and multimode with fiber core size from 50 to 1000 µm. MWIR and LWIR versions are also available.

It is a preferred solution for channel monitoring, testing, sensing, and spectroscopic applications. With the duplex version, the switches are capable of canceling out the environment induced variations on each precision measurement. We have verified the switch high reliability with continuous operation for several years. The switch is controlled by RS232 or USB computer interface with a graphic Software. Internet and Labview control version is also available. Rack-mountable turn-key modules are a favorable option.

  • Low Cost
  • High Reliability
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Broad Band
  • Compact Design
  • Low Power Switching
  • Optical Signal Routing
  • Network Protection
  • Wavelength Management
  • Signal Monitoring
  • Instrumentation
SelfAlign dual 1xN SwitchMinTypicalMaxUnit
Operation Wavelength UV-VIS2002000nm
Insertion Loss [1]
Wavelength Dependence Loss0.150.2dB
Polarization Dependent Loss0.050.1dB
Cross Talk5060dB
Return LossAPC50dB
Switch Time 200ms
Switch typeLatching
Durability  107cycle
Optical Power Handling300500 [2]mW
Operating Temperature-565oC
Storage Temperature-4085oC
Fiber TypeSingle Mode     Corning SMF-28 or equivalent
Multimode       50                            1000µm
Package Dimension192L x 102W x 60Hmm

[1]. Measured without connectors.

[2]. High power version is available.

P/N: 0-16-1