USB Motorized Linear Stages

  • All-In-One Construction
  • USB Controller Integrated
  • Ease Use GUI
  • Power Supplier/Cable Included
  • Manual Control Built-In
  • XYZ Configurable
  • Optical Encoder/Position Calibrators
  • High Precision/Repeatability

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The MSTG series of motorized stages features ease of use and low cost, providing a convenient means to achieve programmable motions of high precision. Each stage contains a built-in smart motor driver and position encoders that interface with a computer via a USB cable. The wall-pluggable power supplier is included, and a user-friendly GUI is downloadable. The command list is also provided for customers to write their own codes. Moreover, multiple MSTG stages can be connected together via USB cables between each other and desirably controlled by a single USB/GUI interface. In this way, an XYZ stage can be configured using any MSTG stage combinations. The associated mounting kits are available to be purchased. In addition, a manual control knob is built-in: pushing it in switches to the manual mode; rotating it starts the motion; turning it further to increase the speed; reversibly turning it passing the center position reverses the moving direction. The dual ball-bearing and lead screw stage has an optical moving encoder that constantly calibrates the steps and two position sensors at the ends that reset/calibrate the position. The highest repeating precision can be achieved by moving in one direction. Mounting plates compatible with optical components/stages are available to form optical setups or instruments.


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