UVA High Power Intensity Meter

  • Measure UV wavelength from 290nm to 390 nm
  • Dual UV intensity power reading in W/cm2or mW/cm2
  • Measure UV intensity up to 30W/cm2
  • Low Cost, Compact size, Portable
  • Accepts multiple light guide/lens head sizes
  • Battery powered long lasting
  • Measure UV lamp to achieve repeatable curing process
  • Meet ISO 9001 requirements

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This UV intensity meter is specially reconfigured to measure high power UV spot curing light intensity as well as regular UV intensity.  It cost-effectively provides us with instant feedback as to the performance of the spot curing system to obtain better repeatability and prevent curing problems. In operation,  the UV head is inserted into a matching holder (included with our brand of head) or kept at a fixed distance from the instrument for other brands of heads. Various Adapter inserts are available to accommodate the standard light wands on the market.  The meter is designed to have flexibility for use in a variety of monitoring applications. When the green “On” switch is depressed, an intensity measurement is displayed. The measured intensity unit can be selected in either W/cm2 or mW/cm2 .  When the “HOLD” switch is pressed, the measurement is frozen to record the last measurement value.  The instrument has an LCD display back illumination light switch for viewing in a dim environment.


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