20 MHz Fiber Optical Modulator/Switch 1×1, 1×2, 2×2 – NanoSpeed™

Fixed MHz Repetition Rate, 500nm to 2000nm
  • Solid-State
  • High speed
  • Ultra-high reliability
  • Low insertion loss
  • Compact

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The NS Series fiber optic modulator features fast amplitude modulation about 20 Mhz, low driving voltage and low optical loss. This is achieved using a patented electro-optical configuration and operating at a fixed frequency with a built-in high Q resonant circuit. Unlike other modulators, we use special electro-optical crystals of high stability that increase power handling and reduce drift/darkening. The NS fiber optic switch meet the most demanding switching requirements of continuous operations over 25 years and non-mechanical ultra-high reliability.

Our resonant EO phase modulators can be driven by a standard laboratory function generator with a Half-Wave Drive Voltage of only 15 V at 633 nm.
Custom versions are also available, with user-specified resonant frequencies from 0.1 to 100 MHz.


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NanoSpeed Resonant Modulator Min Typical Max Unit

Loss [1]

1900-2200nm 1.3 1.9 dB
1260~1650nm 1 1.5
960~1100nm 1.5 2
780-960nm 1.7 2.2
Cross Talk [2] 18 20 35 dB
PDL (SMF Switch only) 0.15 0.3 dB
PMD (SMF Switch only) 0.1 0.3 ps
ER (PMF Switch only)       18  25 dB
IL Temperature Dependency 0.25 1.5 dB
Return Loss 45 50 60 dB
 Repetition Rate   20 100 MHz
Optic power

Handling [4]

Normal power version 300 mW
High power version 5 W
Operating Temperature  Standard -5 75 oC
Large range version -30 85
Storage Temperature -40 100 oC

[1] Measured without connectors. For other wavelengths, please contact us.

[2] Cross talk is measured at 100kHz, which may be degraded at the higher repeat rate.

[3] It is defined as the rising or fall time between 10% and 90% of optical intensities.

[4] Defined at 1310nm/1550nm. For the shorter wavelength, the handling power may be reduced, please contact us for more information.

High power version available by incorporating fiber core enlargement (expensive).