4-Head Solid-State UV Spot Light

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Photonwares’ 4-Head Solid-State UV Light uses high power UV LEDs as light sources for curing UV adhesives. Major advantages offered compared to traditional lamp based systems include: long life, low power consumption, and compact size.  Photonwares’ superior optical design achieves high light coupling efficiency exceeding 85% and uniform light spot intensity.

Each head can be switched on/off either individually by front panel controls or simultaneously by an optional foot switch. The cure time and UV output power can be set independently.  Each LED head features an integrated cooling fan.

  • Compact
  • High Power
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Long Operation Life


  • UV Adhesive Curing
  • UV Irradiation Experiments


Parameter Description Unit
Wavelength     365±5, 385±5, 405, 440 nm
UV irradiance 2.0 ~ 3.2 * W/cm2
Cure time 1 ~ 255 seconds
UV spot size Φ4 mm
Working distance 20 mm
Cooling method forced air, fan
Operation life 30,000 hours

* Average intensity over the spot size Φ4mm at working distance.

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