4x4 High Speed Optical Switch Module - NanoSpeed™

60ns rise/fall, 500kHz, low loss, bidirectional, 850nm to 1620nm, 0 to 70 °C
  • Solid-State
  • Ultra High speed
  • Ultra-high reliability
  • Low insertion loss
  • Compact



The NS Series fiber optic switch is developed for fast switching and low optical loss. This is achieved using patented electro-optical configuration featuring clean fast response without ripples. The NS fiber optic switch meet the most demanding switching requirements of continuous operations over 25 years and non-mechanical ultra-high reliability. The 4×4 configuration combines 5 2×2 NS switches mounted on a single control board with TTL signal inputs.

The NS Series switch is controlled by 5V TTL signals with a specially designed electronic driver having performance optimized for various repetition rate.


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NanoSpeed 4×4 Switches Min Typical Max Unit

Loss [1]

1900-2200nm 3.2 4 dB
1260~1650nm 3 3.5
960~1100nm 4 5
780-960nm 5 6
Cross Talk [2] 45 50 55 dB
PDL (SMF Switch only) 0.15 0.3 dB
PMD (SMF Switch only) 0.1 0.3 ps
ER (PMF Switch only)       18  25 dB
IL Temperature Dependency 0.25 1 dB
Return Loss 45 50 60 dB
Optical transition time [3] 100 300 ns
 Repetition Rate   DC 200 kHz
Optic power

Handling [4]

Normal power version 300 mW
High power version 5 W
Operating Temperature  Standard -5 75 oC
Large range version -30 85
Storage Temperature -40 100 oC

[1] Measured without connectors. For other wavelengths, please contact us.

[2] Cross talk is measured at 100kHz, which may be degraded at the higher repeat rate.

[3] It is defined as the rising or fall time between 10% and 90% of optical intensities.

[4] Defined at 1310nm/1550nm. For the shorter wavelength, the handling power may be reduced, please contact us for more information.

High power version available by incorporating fiber core enlargement (expensive).