Fiber Optical Switch Systems

turn-key solutions with graphical interface, net-ready

We produce a wide range of turn-key fiberoptic switch systems that integrate fiber components with electronics, firmware, with all computer/internet interface formats having user-friendly graphics software and a command list for customer-specific integration. These systems are configured based on multiple patented cutting-edge technologies meeting various application scenarios, including quantum computing, network management, cyber security, and test automation. They offer unique performance and cost attributes and have a large worldwide installed base. Standard configurations are listed below.

Remote control has a time delay: Ethernet ~ 500 ms; USB ~ 5 ms; RS232 < 1 ms; TTL< 0.001 ms.

MEMS Matrix Switches

Ultra-broadband Fiber Switches Without Signal Distortion – All Fiber Types

High-Speed Non-Mechanical Matrix Switches

Network Protection Switches

Multicast Switches

Broadcast/Video Camera Switches

Channel Select Monitor Switches