Optical Bypass Protection Switch (OBP)

  • Signal Power Threshold Auto Fallback
  • Telnet & GUI
  • Reduce interrupt time
  • Increase network reliability
  • Improve service quality
  • Real-time power monitoring
  • Automatic switching

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Optical Bypass Protection Switching System (OBP) is deployed in each node to protect a cascaded or layered fiber optical network in which one equipment failure will disrupt the network integrity. In cases of power loss, software crash, or hardware failure, OBP automatically reroutes the transmission bypassing the malfunctioned equipment. This is achieved by inserting optical switches between the transmission fibers and real-time monitoring the signal strength through the equipment; we automatically switch to the bypass connections when the signal power value is lower than a user-defined threshold. When the equipment is recovered, the transmission will be automatically restored. Our net-ready OBPs offer various reliable protection schemes against network failures. We uniquely provide fast optical switching to reduce data loss with three choices of optical switching speed:100ns, 100 ms, 10 ms.  Management of the OBP is performed using a Web GUI, reachable through the local Ethernet ports on the OBP system control card.


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