Ultra-Low Latency Optical Router

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(2x16) (<1ns)

Agiltron all optical routers achieve ultra-low latency that has not been attainable by electronic routers.  The 1U system multicasts incoming optical signals and dynamically re-direct them into multiple output ports with build-in MEMS optical switches.  These switches are controlled via computer-GUI with a USB port and a web-GUI with an Ethernet port.  The fiber output ports are located in the front panel.

(2x16) (<1ns)

  • Ultra-low latency
  • Dynamic switching
  • Low optical loss
  • Build-in signal booster
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Defense systems
  • Communication networks
  • Data storage
 All Optical Router        Min Typical Max Unit
Operating Wavelength   1310/1550 ± 50 nm
Insertion Loss [1],                15 dB
amplify     6
Latency       1.5 ns
amplify     1,8
Return Loss             45   dB
Cross Talk                    55   dB
PDL     0.05 dB
Switching Time         10   ms
Switch Durability            108 Cycle
Operating Temperature 0        70 oC
Storage Temperature -40        85 oC
Electronic Ports    RJ45, USB
Working Power DC: 12~48V; AC: 100~240V (50/60 Hz)
Fiber Type SMF-28 or equivalent
Fiber Connector LC

         [1]. Excluding connectors.


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