Duplex Fiber Optical A/B/C/D Switch

Remote & password protection, Telnet, RS232&GUI
  • Vibration Resist
  • Dual Power
  • Pluggable
  • High Speed
  • Easy to Use
  • Low Cost
  • Reliable

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The Duplex Fiber Optical A/B/C/D Switch with Telnet allows the user to connect the “COMMON” port among four other devices connected to the “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D” ports. The default configuration is a duplex 1U metal chassis rack.  Each channel is a front pluggable module designed for easy repair.  Up to 20 channels can be accommodated.

  • It is an all-optical routing supporting Gigabit data rate.
  • Two data channels are activated together by a single command via either a front pushbutton or remote.
  • Front panel LED’s display present position and power status.
  • Remote Control access uses an Ethernet 10/100Base-T connection with Telnet commands, reachable through the local EJ45 Ethernet port. It can lockout front panel operations, obtain switch status, as well as query firmware version number, query serial number, and enable/disable autosend of switch positions.
  • The unit has two power suppliers to increase reliability. EMI power inlet filter reduces the effect of power supply noise.
  • We uniquely provide several switch choices: low-cost mechanical, high-reliability MEMS, fast 100 ns switching, and vibration-insensitive switch that can function live in a shock/vibration environment.
  • Moreover, the system can be configurated by automatically switching when the power value is lower than a user-defined threshold.


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