Ultra-Broadband Fiber Optical Isolators 500-1060nm >180nm Bandwidth

850nm, 950nm, 1060nm, >180nm band, low PMD
  • Flat Isolation Over 100nm
  • Low PMD
  • Suited for Use with SLDs
  • OEM and Custom Build Available
  • High Reliability
  • Integrated Tap
  • Polarization Dependent

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We produce a variety of broadband optical isolators designed for use with superluminescent diodes covering a broad wavelength range of 100nm to 150nm. These isolators are polarization-independent, having a flat >23dB isolation as indicated in the graph below. we offer three wavelength bands centered at 850nm, 950nm, and 1060nm. With Agiltron’s proprietary configuration, these isolators feature extremely low polarization mode dispersion (PMD) in addition to low insertion loss, high isolation, compact structure, and high stability. A built-in output tap monitor is an option. This unique performance attribute makes it an ideal choice for very broadband SLD sources widely used in OCT and other optical fiber sensing systems. Agiltron has a volume isolator production operation for making custom-specific designs with specially designed testing tools. Agiltron also provides customized designs to meet special applications or cost requirements. The wavelength and range not listed can be specially ordered


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