Electrically Tunable Fiber Optical Filters – Etalon-Based

  • Compact and Low Cost
  • Wide Tune Range
  • Wide Wavelength
  • Low IL and PDL
  • 3nm Bandwidth
  • 100nm Tuning Range

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Based on a proprietary thin film cavity filter technology, we produce Fiber Optic Tunable Filters with central wavelengths of 1060nm to 2050nm. Another center wavelength can also be made. It is tunable continuously over a wide spectral range up to 100 nm with a 1nm peak bandwidth. A longer center wavelength has a larger tuning range. The wavelength tuning is actuated by driving a built-in precise stepper motor through the interface of USB or RS232. Agiltron’s unique high reliability and low insertion loss design present the most cost-effective solution for OEM applications from fiber-optic networks to fiber sensing interrogation.

The current standard configurations are in volume production, thus having low-cost benefits. Another wavelength is available that requires an extra cost to make the filter.


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