etMEMS™ Octo Full 2×2 Multi-Mode Optical Switch

The etMEMS™ Series Octo Full 2×2 multi-mode fiber optic switch integrates 8 Full 2×2 switches in a single compact format. It is designed for 40G/100G transceiver bypass application. The device connects optical channels by redirecting incoming optical signals into selected output fibers. This is achieved using a proprietary etMEMS™ configuration and activated via an electrical control signal. It uniquely features rugged thermal activated micro-mirror movement instead of rotation, and the novel design significantly simplify the control electronics, offering unprecedented high stability and an unmatched low cost.

We offer the straight and reflective versions for the flexibility to connect fibers. In addition, we also offer the built-in driver version, which features a convenient user interface.

  • High Reliability
  • Low Optical Distortions
  • Intrinsic tolerance to ESD


  • Channel Routing
  • Configurable Add/Drop
  • System Monitoring
  • Instrumentation


etMEMSTM 2x2 MM Switch      Min Typical Max Unit
Operation Wavelength Single band 820~880, 1260~1360, 1510~1610

Dual band   850/1310, 1310/1550

Broad band 1260~1620

Insertion Loss [1, 3] 0.6 1.0 dB
Wavelength Dependent Loss 0.2 0.3 [2] dB
Return Loss [¹] 35 dB
Cross Talk [1] 35 dB
Switching Speed 20 ms
Repeatability ±0.05 dB
Repetition Rate 20 Hz
Durability 109 Cycle
Switching Type Non-Latching
Operating Temperature -5 70 oC
Storage Temperature -40 85 oC
Optical Power Handling 300 500 mW
Fiber Type           MM 50/125, MM 62.5/125, OM4

[1]. Excluding connectors.

[2]. Dual band and Broad band.

[3]. Measured at CPR=14dB.


P/N: N/A