Fiber Optical Electric Field Sensor

(Reflection Package)
~8 weeks lead time
  • No metal parts
  • Passive
  • Miniature
  • Optical fiber readout
  • High shock/vibration resistance
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide bandwidth
  • High damage threshold



This Electric-field sensor, based on EO effect and coupled with a dual-fiber collimator, is probed by a laser through optic fiber and packaged only with dielectric components. It is ideally suitable to remotely and non-intrusively measure electric fields and microwave radiation up to Gigahertz range.


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E-filed Sensor     Typical Max Unit
Frequency Bandwidth           (Ultra High) 18 GHz
(high) 7 GHz
(Low) 250 MHz
Sensitivity [1] (High frequency) 10 mV/m-Hz1/2
(Ultra-High frequency) 20 mV/m-Hz1/2
(Low frequency) 5 mV/m-Hz1/2
Maximum detectable E-field [2] 200 kV/m
Damage E-field 5 MV/m
Package Dimension See design

[1] Defined by measuring with a 1550nm laser at 20mW and 100MHz

{2} Possible to be incraesed, please contact us