Fiber Optical Electric Field Sensor

(Reflection Package)
  • All dielectric no field disturbance
  • High speed up to 40GHz response
  • High voltage up to 500KV/m
  • Remote fiber readout
  • Miniature
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide bandwidth
  • High damage threshold

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This EOFS Electric-field sensor is based on an electro-optical crystal packaged with a dual fiber collimator and made entirely of non-metallic materials. It features perturbation-free, wide frequency coverage from Hz to microwave up to 40 GHz, high electrical damage threshold (>10 MV/m and 10W/cm2 power density), and harsh environment compatibility, including temperature, pressure, liquid, X-rays, and gamma rays. We produce sensors with both horizontal and vertical orientations so that one can detect electrical fields in 3D. The readout is via a laser through optic fibers. It is ideally suitable to remotely and non-intrusively measure electric fields in demanding application scenarios.

We offer several package configurations for general use, liquid immersion, vacuum chamber compatibility, permittivity matching, and 3D vector sensing. Custom design is our specialty.


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