Fiber Optical Resonant Modulator 5MHz – NanoSpeed™

5MHz Fixed Repetition Rate, 500nm to 2000nm, SM Bidirectional
  • Solid-State
  • High speed
  • Ultra-high reliability
  • Low insertion loss
  • Compact

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This NS Series fiber optic modulator features a fixed 5MHz modulation. The waveform is in sine format. This is achieved using a patented electro-optical configuration and operating at a fixed frequency with a built-in high Q resonant circuit. Unlike other modulators, we use special electro-optical crystals of high stability that increase power handling and reduce drift/darkening. The NS fiber optic switches meet the most demanding switching requirements of continuous operations over 25 years and non-mechanical ultra-high reliability.

The modulation turns on by plugging in the accompanied DC power supply. No adjustment is required.


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