Large Core Fiber Variable Optical Attenuator - Fiber-Fiber™

(High Setting Precision, Ultra-Low Loss, Broad Band, Latching)
  • Up to 1mm Large Core Fiber
  • Low Loss
  • Highly Repeatable
  • Latching
  • Large Attenuation

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The Large Core Fiber Variable Optical (VOA) is based on a micro-electro-mechanical system platform driven by a mini-motor.  It uniquely offers advantageous performance that is unmatched in the industry.  It features ultra-broadband covering from 200 to 2500nm, ultra-low insertion loss of less than 0.2dB, ultra-high setting precision, high optical power handling, and latching function.  Once, the VOA attenuation value is set, it will latch to and remain at the value regardless of the environmental variable and the removal of electrical power.   It is available with all types of fibers with a diameter as large as 1mm.  The device is immersed inside optical index matching liquid to achieve ultra-low loss and low back reflection.

The VOA is driven by an integrated control board with USB, or RS262, SPI interface options.  A user-friendly GUI software is provided. It is powered by a 12VDC with a wall plug supply.


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