Lithium Niobate Modulator

  • High Speed
  • Low Driving Voltage

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This series of Lithium Niobate fiberoptic Modulators is designed for laboratory test use. Its low operating voltage makes it convenient to use a function generator as the driver.  It has a bias control section that integrates with a tap monitor for stable operation.   The modulator is mounted on a PCB in which the bias can be applied through a SMA  connector.  Automatic bias control option is also available that maintain the Vp via a slow speed feedback circuitry.



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Lithium Niobate Modulator Min            Typical Max                  Unit
 Operation Wavelength 1520 1605                        nm
 Insertion Loss 4 4.5 5                     dB
 Return Loss 40                      dB
Extinction Ratio 15 (H frequency)  20 (H-F)   27 (L frequency)       dB
Optical Input Power 50                            mW
RF Driving Voltage  4.5 (Z-cut)                       V
Vp at 40KHz 2.5 (Z-cut)                               V
Bandwidth DC 10 14                                   GHz
S11 (130MHz to 10 GHz) 10                            dB
RF Port Resistance (DC) 40                               Ω
RF Input Power 24                              dBm
Bias Port Resistance (DC) 1                         MΩ
Bias Voltage Range -15 15                    V
Photodetector Responsivity 20                         mA/W
Photodetector Extinction Ratio 6                     dB
Photodetector Bandwidth 100                     KHz
Operating Temperature -1 70                                  oC
Storage Temperature -45 85                                 oC