MEMS 1×1, 1×2, 2×2 Latching MM Optical Switch

(With Built-in Driver)

The etMEMSTM Series Fiber Optical Switch connects optical channels by redirecting incoming optical signals into selected output fibers. This is achieved using a proprietary thermal activated micro-mirror, moving-in and -out optical paths, uniquely featuring ultra small size, rugged. The MEMS Latching type with Build-in driver switches can be directly mounted on printed circuit board with configurations of 1×1, Dual 1×1, Quad 1×1, 1×2, Dual 1×2, Full 2×2, and Dual Full 2×2 Single mode and Multimode.

This advanced design offers unprecedented high stability and high reliability as well as low cost advantage.

♦ High Reliability
♦ Latching
♦ Intrinsic tolerance to ESD

♦ Channel Blocking
♦ Configurable Add/Drop
♦ System Monitoring
♦ Instrumentation

 etMEMSTM Latching with Built-in Driver Switch        MinTypicalMaxUnit
Operation WavelengthSingle Mode           1260~1360 and/or 1510~1610nm
Multimode               810~890 and/or 1260/1360
Insertion Loss [1], [2]     0.61.0 (1.2 [3])dB
PDL (Single mode)0.1dB
Return Loss [1]Single Mode          50dB
Multimode          35
Cross Talk [1]Single Mode          50dB
Multimode          35dB
Switching Time      10ms
Repeatability                                                             ±0.05dB
Repetition Rate                                                                20          Hz
Durability           109Cycle
Switching Type            Latching type with Build-in Driver
Operating Temperature            -5     70oC
Storage Temperature            -40     85oC
Optical Power Handling   300     500mW
Package Dimension18.5L x 12W x 8.6Hmm
Fiber TypeSingle Mode                    SMF-28, or equivalent
Multimode                  MM50/125, or equivalent

[1]. Excluding connectors.

[2]. Multimode IL measure @ Light Source CPR<14 dB.

[3]. Dual band, and Dual 1×2, Full 2×2, Dual Full 2×2.


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