MEMS Fiber Optical Variable Attenuator – 1D

  • 1060 to 2300nm
  • 0.6dB Loss
  • SM, PM, MM
  • High Extinction >70dB
  • Direct DC drive
  • Ultra Small
  • ESD Insensitive

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This MEMS VOA offers >70dB large attenuation, high polarization extinction ratio, and low cost. The VOAs are bidirectional and Telcordia standards GR-1221 qualified.

Agiltron provides customized designs and modular assemblies to meet control and integration applications.

Qty: 2 | $98 | MSOA-01B111131 | Single VOA Transparent 1260~1620 -5 to 75C° Package 1 SMF-28 Bare Fiber 1.0m None


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