Ultraviolet (UV) Crosslinker / Sterilization Box

  • Low Cost
  • High Reliability
  • Deep UV 254/185nm
  • Timber 1-60 minutes
  • 35mW/cm² Optical Power


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The UVCG Crosslinker is a laboratory instrument used for crosslinking nucleic acids to a solid support using high-energy deep ultraviolet (UV) light, as well as for sterilizing equipment and surfaces. It is a compact benchtop device with a built-in UV source and a programmable timer for controlling exposure time. The crosslinker emits UV light at a short wavelength of 254 nm, which is absorbed by the nucleic acids and causes covalent bonds to form between the nucleic acids and the solid support. The crosslinker is commonly used in molecular biology research laboratories for applications such as Southern and Northern blotting, colony hybridization, and library screening, as well as for DNA-protein crosslinking and UV-induced mutagenesis. The UVCG Crosslinker is known for its reliability and ease of use. It has a timer from 1 to 60 minutes to automatically shut off and a safety switch that shuts off when the lid is open.


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