Fiber-Fiber™ Optical Switch

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1x1, 1x2, Dual 1x2, Dual 1x2 Bypass
  • Ultra-Low Loss, as low as 0.1dB
  • Large Attenuation up to 60dB
  • Broadband 200 to 2000 nm
  • All Fiber Types: SM, MM, PM, Special
  • High Optical Power Handling 1W
  • Low Cost

The FF Series fiber optic switch connects optical channels by a micro-mechanical fiber to fiber auto-alignment platform and activated via an electrical relay. The advanced design significantly increase the performance, offering unprecedented low optical loss, little wavelength dependence with no coatings, high power handling, as well as an unmatched low cost. Latching operation preserves the selected optical path after the driver signal has been removed.  The switch has integrated electrical position sensors. The switch is bidirectional and conveniently controllable by 5V TTL.

Using no lens, the FF Series switch can accommodate all type of fibers, including SM. MM, PM, double cladding, bendable, large core, small core.

1x1, 1x2, Dual 1x2, Dual 1x2 Bypass

  • Low Optical Distortions
  • High Isolation
  • High Reliability
  • Fail-Safe Latching
  • Epoxy-Free Optical Path
  • Low Cost
  • Protection
  • Instrumentation
FF 1×2, dual 1×2 Switch Min Typical  Max Unit
  Wavelength 400                                2500 nm
  Insertion Loss 1    0.3               0.5 dB
  Wavelength Dependent Loss    0.05              0.1 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss                                       0.1 dB
Polarization Extinction Ratio2 22                25                27
Return Loss     55 dB
Cross Talk                    50 dB
Switching Time     15          20 ms
Repeatability ± 0.02 dB
Durability 107 Cycles
Operating Optical Power2 0.5 1 W
Operating Voltage 4 5 7 VDC
Operating Current (Latching/Non-Latching) 30 70 mA  
Switching Type Latching / Non-Latching  
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 80          oC
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85       oC
Package Dimension   28L x 13W X 10H mm


  1. SM 28 Fiber, Excluding Connectors. For MM fiber with laser CPR<14.
  2. For PM fiber only
  3. For MM fiber with laser CPR<14




P/N: 0-16-2